What will Yunzi do? How does it work?

Yunzi iBeacon actually contains a complete microcomputing system, including 32-bit ARM® Cortex M0 CPU or 8051, RAM, FLASH, wireless communication module, different types of sensors and bundles. When Beacon is deployed, it continuously broadcasts information through BLE which can be received by your smartphone without BLE pairing.

The working principles of iBeacon technology can be described in the following three steps:

  1. A Beacon transmits a universally unique identifier through BLE;
  2. A compatible App picks up the identifier then looks up over the internet to determine the smart device's physical location;
  3. A smart device triggers an action.

We say that iBeacon is a digital coordinate deployed in physical world or is a digital electric label that can be attached to any physical object, location or scene. Aside from the function of sensing its own movement, it can also sense the lighting, temperature around you—this builds up a people behavior perceptive network with the SDK processed by SENSORO, which can be interpreted as a bridge linking the physical world and the digital world, bringing your program or equipment to the era of contextual computing.

Developers don’t need to deploy complex cloud system; instead, SENSORO SDK (iOS and Android both available) makes it much easier.


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